Divine Intervention works in odd ways at times.

HoppyTrails_Accents_HOPPDivine Intervention works in odd ways at times. For the past few years we have been looking for inspiration, something to set off a series of events that would lead us to one ultimate goal: Work hard and have fun doing it! We come from varied backgrounds: working in food service, moonlighting with the idea of becoming a brew master or distiller, and two of us even dabble in the world of public education.

In the summer of 2014, while on vacation and dining at a local eatery and brewpub, a family member asked if it was hops growing outside on this homemade apparatus. She had read several articles about the booming hops operations in our local area of upstate New York. The dinner conversation then turned to all the local breweries, distilleries and wineries popping up in our area. We chatted about how great it would be to somehow connect them, creating a network of local beverage stops, a new take on hiking through the Adirondacks! The concept of Hoppy Trails was born.

With all of us born and raised in the area, we are especially focused on keeping it local. It’s our goal to work hard, plot out the perfect trail route for you to enjoy what these Adirondack beverage businesses have to offer. No hiking boots are required, just a willingness to enjoy some brews and have fun doing it!

Discover the secret to Hoppy-ness aboard the Hoppy Trail.

Your Trail Guides

Gabe Sutton
Co-owner/Tour guide

Gabe will ensure you a safe and efficient ride from destination to destination. Besides knowing this area for the past 40 years, he knows a thing or two about some brew, particularly the IPA-variety!

Olivia Sutton
Co-owner/Tour Guide Assistant

While she might verge more on the side of wine-o, Olivia is here to make sure the details are perfected & your tour is an experience you won’t soon forget!

Greg Porter
Tour Guide

This guy knows a thing or two about a great brew and how to enjoy one! His job is to help you navigate through your route, one sampler at a time.

NPR Radio Interview

In August of 2016, Joe Donohue had Gabe & Olivia in to discuss how Hoppy Trails got started & how it has evolved. We invited two craft beverage owners to do the interview with us, because we rely on our partnerships & their amazing products, to ensure our patrons have the best experience on our tours. Cheers to Christian, head brewer at Common Roots Brewing Co. and Mike, co-owner/distiller from Springbrook Hollow Distillery.
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